That’s Going in the Quote Book #72

There’s no major story behind today’s quote. I was going through a rough time, and while listening to Everclear‘s album, Songs From an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How To Smile, a lyric from the song Otis Redding punched me in the chest.

I just wanna be happy again.

There’s not much else to it.

I mean, I suppose I could say something about how appropriate it is, that the rough time I was going through was relationship related, and Songs From an American Movie is a concept album about the lead singer’s divorce.

Or about how it’s ironic that I’d pull a quote from a song I’ve always interpreted to be about drug addiction, considering how much of a straight edge I am.

Or even just that this is one of my favourite albums of all time, so perhaps it was inevitable that I’d find a quote in it someday.

But that all seems overly complicated.

I was unhappy. And I wanted to be happy again.

Simple as that, really.

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