That’s Going In the Quote Book #35

Like in any new relationship, when Ron and I first started dating, there were lots of Getting To Know You conversations, as we moved past the First Blush stage and entered the But Are We Really Compatible phase. Although I was pretty sure we were, pretty early on. After all, on our first date, maybe the third question I asked him was, “What CDs do you have in your vehicle right now?” (This was in the very early days of mp3s and iPods, when CDs were the much more common option. (Yes. We’re old.))

I only remember one of them, but it was a big one: Guns n’ Roses Appetite for Destruction.

I clearly remember telling him, “We’re going to get along just fine,” and him giving me a quizzical look followed by dawning understanding when I told him I, too, had that masterpiece in my vehicle.


During our marathon chats, when I’d say something and Ron wanted clarification or more detail, he’d always ask, “How come?” Once, when I didn’t have anything helpful to add, I replied, “Cuz.”

And then he said:

Cuz isn’t a reason. It’s a relation.

Cue another quizzical look on his behalf, as I collapsed into giggles.

I’m not sure why it tickled me so much, and Ron thought I was nuts, as it was something he’d been saying for years and I was the only one to have a fit over it. But even though he didn’t understand my reaction, he must’ve liked it, as for a long time after, he’d set me up with a “How come?” so I could say, “Cuz,” – always with anticipation in my voice – and his joke would set me to giggling again.

This went on for … oh, months, anyway, before it fizzled out. Although it stayed alive much longer than Ron realizes, I think. See, we’ve had some rocky years, and when I’d ask myself why I was staying, my answer to myself would invariably be, “Cuz.”

According to the Quote Book, it’s nearing 20 years since the first time Ron said this to me. And in that time, the good years have far outweighed the bad ones.

Turns out I was giving the right answer all along.

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