That’s Going in the Quote Book #24

Here we have proof that I don’t have to like the source for a quote to make it into the book.

I’m not a Pearl Jam fan. I respect their skill and influence, but I don’t really enjoy their music. Most of it stems from Eddie Vedder’s vocals. He’s a mumble-singer, which isn’t a style I’m fond of. It makes all the songs sound the same.

So it was a bit of a surprise when I heard I Am Mine, and something stood out enough for me to understand it, let alone make it into the quote book. But stand out this did:

I know I was born, and I know that I’ll die. The in-between is mine.”

I wanted to write an article that was all deep and interpretive, so I listened to the song multiple times, hoping to glean some extra meaning.

Didn’t work. With the exception of a few snatches here and there, it’s all one long drone to my ears.

Then I looked up the lyrics, thinking that if I read along, like I did as a kid listening to my brothers’ music, that would help.

This also didn’t work.

That’s when I realized that sometimes you just can’t force things. I like this quote, because I like this quote. It speaks to me because it encapsulates my personal world view – that we only get one life, and we need to own it – and it doesn’t need to mean anything more than that.

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