For the first time in a few years, there’s a squirrel hanging out in my yard. I love this, as I could spend hours watching squirrels flit through the trees and scamper along the deck railing. To encourage this one to keep coming by, I’ve taken to leaving out peanut butter, and nuts for him to gnaw on.

I’d been calling him Squirrel for months, but the other morning, he was being a little demanding, chittering at me for several minutes until I brought out some peanut butter. As I put it on the tree branch, I said, “There you go, Mr. Nutter Butter. Happy now?” And I realized that Ron’s probably right, and I watch way too much John Oliver.

Seriously, though, can you blame me for loving a human sized, foul-mouthed squirrel? (Mr. Nutter Butter doesn’t appear until about the 23:25 mark, but it’s worth watching the whole thing for context.)

Anyway, I was recently on the phone with a friend whom I haven’t seen in person for months due to the whole pandemic thing, and I told her about our friendly neighbourhood squirrel. I mentioned I’ve been taking photos, and she asked if I could write an article and share them so she could see him. (She’s not an online kinda person, but does visit my blog regularly.)

So then I asked her the question all my friends get asked before they make an appearance in an article: May I use your name? And if not, would you like to choose a name, or an initial, or just be referred to as ‘a friend’?

She’s chosen to go by M, “like in James Bond,” with the stipulation that Judi Dench somehow make an appearance in any articles where M is mentioned.

So for M, until we can get together in person again, and for anyone else who might enjoy a little bit of cuteness, allow me to present Squirrel (aka Mr. Nutter Butter) lounging on a branch …

… eating peanut butter …

… gnawing …

Those paws! I can’t even!

… hearing something he’s not so sure he likes the sound of …

… and finally getting out of Dodge.

But now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. Squirrel’s just made his first appearance for the day, and I’m too distracted to type anything further.

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