That’s Going in the Quote Book: #15

The newest in an ongoing series of Quotes I’ve collected. To see previous posts in the series, click here.

You’re about to breathe air that’s way over your pay rate.

the sum of all fears

Back when I collected this quote, it made it into the book simply because it made me laugh. Then I began to wonder what that air would smell like.

My logical mind decided that, considering how above one’s pay rate likely means important people and secure rooms, the air would likely be filtered and smell of ozone.

Yeah, my logical mind can be pretty boring. So my fanciful mind ran with the idea of important people and figured they’d get to choose the smell. Personally, I’d go with the outdoors immediately following a rainstorm.

*inhales deeply*

Either that, or popcorn.

These days, though, the old cynic in me has an entirely different take. With the quality level of today’s important people, I have no doubt it smells like hamberder farts and covfefe breath.

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