Way To Go, Canada Post

Got a bit of a surprise the other day when I opened my door and found a parcel sitting on my deck. The parcel itself wasn’t the odd bit. Like many people, I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping over the past couple months. But that’s been almost exclusively with local food and drink establishments, and this box had the dreaded Amazon smile on it.

I’m not going to say I never order from Amazon, but when I do, it’s a last resort. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything, and Ron usually gives me a heads up about his orders. So instead of just opening it, I checked the address label. Sure enough, it had been misdelivered. (Same house number, different street.)

Canada Post was the carrier, so I contacted them to let them know their error. I expected them to have someone pick the parcel up and deliver it to the proper address. Instead, I was given these options.

Drop the parcel back in the mail

Which is hard to do when the only mailbox in your area is a superbox, and it only has a letter slot.

Although judging from the condition of several of the parcels I’ve gotten from Canada Post over the years, I wouldn’t be the first person to try to jam a full-size box into that little mail slot.

Drop the parcel off at a postal outlet

I’m self-isolating like a motherfucker, so no, I’m not going to a postal outlet – especially when the only ones in my area are in grocery stores and pharmacies. On top of which, while on hold with Canada Post, one of the announcements that repeatedly interrupts the muzak is a request to not go to a postal outlet unless absolutely necessary. I fail to see how fixing their mistake is absolutely necessary.

Leave the parcel on the deck with a note on it and hope the mail carrier notices it

My favourite part of this one is the word ‘hope.’ When I asked for clarification, I was told to write a note with black marker in big letters on the end of the box, and ‘hopefully’ the carrier would notice it the next time they were at my place. So I explained that I don’t have home delivery and I don’t shop online, so it could easily be months before a Canada Post employee was on my property again.

Deliver the parcel to the correct address myself

What the actual fuck?

I’ve been dealing with couriers as part of my work for decades, and I have never experienced anything like this. Any other delivery agent, when you inform them they’ve delivered something in error, they send someone to pick it up. Not Canada Post, though. No, Canada Post “doesn’t have a procedure for this circumstance.”

In the end, I dropped the parcel off to the correct address, simply because, if the circumstances were reversed, I’d hope my neighbours would do the same for me.

I also lodged a formal complaint. I was assured by the agent I was dealing with that Canada Post “takes these things very seriously.” But honestly, misdeliveries are a common thing in the courier business. If Canada Post was taking things seriously, they’d already have a procedure in place.

Incompetence, high prices, poor service, and the expectation that customers will do their jobs for them. No wonder Canada Post is a laughingstock.

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