That’s Going in the Quote Book: #5

The newest in an ongoing series of Quotes I’ve collected. To see previous posts in the series, click here.

The things we fear the most have already happened to us.

Deepak Chopra, as quoted in One Hour Photo

The bad thing about keeping a quote book is that sometimes it’s got shite like this in it.

The worse thing about keeping a quote book is when you decide to share your quotes with others and, because of some self-imposed no-skipping rule, you have to admit to people it’s got shite like this in it.

The good thing about keeping a quote book, which kind of doubles as a diary, is that it can show you how far you’ve come.

Like this only … better. Much, much better.

In my defense, at the time I heard this, I had no idea who Deepquack … er, Deepfuck … uh, Deepak Chopra was. Plus I was looking at it in the context of the film, One Hour Photo, and I thought it was a fitting thing for the character of Sy, brilliantly played by Robin Williams, to appreciate.

So I didn’t exactly agree with the basic concept of this quote when it landed in the pages of my book. But it did speak to me enough that land there it did. Looking back through the mists of time, I think it’s because there was so much upheaval in my life – living alone for the first time in my life, dating for the first time in a decade – I was casting about for anything that helped me feel like I’d be okay.

Unfortunately, I latched onto this particular word salad.

Today, Mr. Chopra wouldn’t make the cut.

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